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Service Ending Notice: The Family Constructive Dispute Resolution Centre Project has been ended on 31 January, 2024. The Mediation Center will continue to provide professional mediation services and free divorce legal consultation services.

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Professional Mediation Service

Family Mediation Service is to help couples facing divorce/separation to resolve disputes in a non-adversarial way. Through the mediation process, the couple can reach a mutually acceptable and legally-binding settlement agreement. This rational and amicable mediation process, can minimize any negative impact of the divorce/separation on the parties and their children on the one hand, and promote their well-being on the other.

Family Mediation Service

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  • Both parties have agreed to divorce/separation

  • Both parties are willing to receive mediation service and attend joint interviews

  • For cases with history of family violence, family mediator will assess their eligibility for mediation service

Pass the signed settlement agreement to their respective lawyer(s) and make a consent summons to the Court


Submit the signed settlement agreement to the Court by the parties
After completing the mediation


Signing the legal-binding settlement agreement 


Draft mediation settlement agreement for parties to seek legal advice

Draft mediation settlement agreement


Average 3-4 sessions, Finished in about 1-2 months

Joint Interviews


Objective : Facilitate the parties to participate in the mediation and ensure the parties’ commitment to follow the mediation rules

  • Keep mediation information confidential

  • Refrain from denigrating the other party

  • Full disclosure of information related to mediation

  • Take turn to speak and refrain from interruption

Meet each party once individually


Registration: Confirm that both parties agree to separate/divorce and attend the mediation interview


Scope of Family Mediation
  • Child care arrangement (Custody)

  • Parent-child time (Access)

  • Maintenance and financial support

  • Accommodation arrangement of parents and children

  • Division of property

Targets: Couples facing divorce/separation

Community Mediation Service

It is the use of mediation to handle conflicts between/ among parties, aiming at reaching a mutually acceptable and legally binding settlement agreement.

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  • The parties have consensus on the issues to be mediated.
  • The parties are willing to attend joint interviews
Scope of Community Mediation Service
  • Sharing of financial provisions and care arrangement for the elderly parents

  • Accommodation arrangement of family members/ relatives

  • Disputes over maintenance, division of assets or financial issues

Target: Among/between family members and intimate partners

Parent-child Conflict Mediation Service

Facing the development of children in different life stages and crisis in the community, it is common to encounter challenges and conflicts between the parents and children. The mediators may facilitate the communication between parents and children and gear towards the direction of inventing mutually acceptable options.

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Scope of Parent-child Conflict Mediation
  • Study plan

  • Peer relationship and courtship

  • Sexual orientation

Target: Parents and their children
$300 per session (90 minutes)

Address: Western Garden, 80A, First Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Mediation Centre

Tel: 2561 9229

Fax: 2811 0806

Address:4/F, North Point Welfare Facilities Block, 123 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

North Point Integrated Family Service Centre

Tel: 2832 9700

Fax: 2893 4133

Address: Unit 204, 2/F., Un Him House, Un Chau Estate, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

Shamshuipo (West) Integrated Family Service Centre

Tel: 2720 5131

Fax: 2725 6621

Address: 4/F., Shun Lee Estate Community Centre, 2 Shun Chi Street, Shun Lee Estate, Kowloon

Shun Lee Integrated Family Service Centre

Fax: 2357 4639

Address: Room 102, Podium 1 Floor, Bik Tsui House, Kwai Tsui Estate, Kwai Chung, N.T.

Kwai Chung (South) Integrated Family Service Centre

Tel: 2426 9621

Fax: 2422 1875

Address: Unit 2, Podium 1, Choi Ming Shopping Centre, Kin Ming Estate, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories

Tel: 2177 4321

Fax: 2177 1616

Address: 1/F, Shun Lai House, Yau Lai Estate, Yau Tong, Kowloon

Yau Tong Integrated Family Service Centre

Fax: 2775 2221

  • The following centers provide family mediation services, the Society reserves the rights on the final arrangement of the service.

  • Community mediation services is provided at Mediation Centre only

  • Those in need can apply by themselves or be referred by professionals such as social workers and lawyers.

  • For details on fees, please contact our centers

Service locations and application

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