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The Accredited Family Mediation Training 2024 is open for registration! Register before August 31, 2024 to enjoy the Early Bird discount! Learn More

Service Ending Notice: The Family Constructive Dispute Resolution Centre Project has been ended on 31 January, 2024. The Mediation Center will continue to provide professional mediation services and free divorce legal consultation services.

Legal Consultation Free Legal Consultation

​Free divorce legal consultation service February-June 2024

-Free legal consultation

-Family legal Seminar

Mediation Centre

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, as a non-governmental welfare agency has developed Family Mediation Service since 1997. It aims at helping divorcing / divorced / separated couples handle disputes rationally and amicably so that they can reach a settlement which is mutually acceptable.

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The Mediation Centre also put concretized efforts in promoting the professional mediation training work, including the launching of Accredited Family Mediation Training and Live Supervision for Accreditation of Family Mediators

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