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The Accredited Family Mediation Training 2024 is open for registration! Register before August 31, 2024 to enjoy the Early Bird discount! Learn More

Service Ending Notice: The Family Constructive Dispute Resolution Centre Project has been ended on 31 January, 2024. The Mediation Center will continue to provide professional mediation services and free divorce legal consultation services.

For Family Mediation, the following are the additional merits:

9. Benefits of children as well as both parties are attended to.

10.The pain and stress experienced by the children and couple can be alleviated

11.A continual co-parenting relationship can be facilitated.

1.The needs of all parties can be attended to.

2.Simple and quick.

3. Legal expenses can be reduced.

4. Time and psychological stress arising from court proceedings can be lessened.

5.Confidential, enhancing genuine communication between parties.

6.Friendly, positive and constructive.

7. Generate mutually acceptable options.

8.The parties’ motivation to implement the settlement can be heightened.

Merits of Mediation:

Mediation is a negotiation process, sometimes called an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, to be conducted by a trained mediator with neutral and impartial role for resolving conflicts of the parties in an amicable and rational manner.
The mediator listens to both sides

About Mediation

What is Mediation?

Both parties shake hands after reconciliation

Features of Mediation:

  • The clients are made very clear that they are responsible for deciding the issues and outcome in the mediation process. The mediator is responsible for controlling the process so as to facilitate them to go on smoothly.

  • The mediator will frequently redirect the parties to discuss on the future arrangement rather than the past events. This can prevent intensification of negative emotions towards each other. Their concerns or complaints are reframed to an expectation or proposals addressed to the other party so that an agreement can be worked out.

  • The underlying interests and concerns of both parties are attended to. Their concerns are mutualized as common concerns as far as possible. They are facilitated to create, put forward and consider different alternatives to meet the concerns and benefits of all parties. A win-lose concept is changed to a win-win concept.

  • The well-being of the children is emphasized throughout the mediation process. Both parties’ motivation for the protection of the children is reinforced in the process. In this way, the focus could be put on the interests of the children instead of their individual positions so that they are more ready to accept common ways to attain the goal of protection of their children. They are helped to identify the other party as the parent of their children instead of an ex-spouse.

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